Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I feel like I have been gone for ages, but it has only been two weeks. Just a little Blog today to get myself back into the swing of things and so that people don't think I have disappeared.

I came back from Thailand on Sunday morning after 2 lovely weeks of relaxing. I will do a little review of my holiday soon. Sunday was spent catching up with the boyfriend and yesterday with friends which was lovely, I do enjoy holidays, but I end up missing people quite a lot.

So today was a chill out day to sort myself out after the holiday and get things ready for starting back at Uni tomorrow, I did manage to slip in a sneaky trip to Marlow though for a little lunch and a drink with my friend Becca. Lovely.

This was my outfit today, quite relaxed, I was very cold though, I could have done with a jacket as I'm used to 36 degree heat, not 16!

Shoes: New Look
Jeans: Gap
Vest Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Zara
Scarf: Miss Selfridge

My scarf is my favourite part of this outfit. I have a slight weakness for scarves, the boyfriend has told me I don't need anymore. Girls, you can help me out here...you can never have too many accessories, right?! I love the cameo print, it makes me think of bygone eras. 

I have also decided to do a Hairstyle Of The Day. I have seen this hairstyle featured in quite a few magazines recently and wanted to give it a go. I often do plait type things to my hair and wanted to do something different. 

This style was so easy to do. I divided my hair into two sections down the middle as if I were having bunches. I clipped up one side and then french plaited the other starting at the bottom behind the ear. I secured with a hairband and then did the same with the other side. I then crossed over the hair at the top and secured with kirby grips and took out the hairbands. I like the slightly messy look it has, and its a great summer look. It's also great for holidays when you hair is not looking its fresh enough to wear down! Apologies for the face in this though, I decided to go completely Au Naturelle today as my holiday has given me a nice bit of colour and my freckles have come out...although the flash on my camera appears to have taken away most of my tan!