Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I can't believe it's December. This excites me no end. December is normally a pretty manic time but this year my calendar is over flowing with fun and exciting plans for the festive period. Some might think it's too much and that I'll get bored of the festive season. I can assure you that this most definitely will not happen. I'm like a child! I don't know if this is partly due to the fact that I am told by Dave regularly in the run up to Christmas that I am not allowed to start doing 'Christmassy things' until it is December, and I am forbodden to even mention the 'C' word before his birthday (20th November). So I've been like a wound up spring waiting to burst with all the pretty sparkly lights and Coca-cola adverts all over the place begging me to join in the festive fun. Now I finally can! *Does little jig of excitement* I thought I would share with you all my over growing list of plans for December as there are going to be opportunities galore for posts and reviews. It all kicks of tomorrow:

2nd-4th: Lincoln Christmas Markets (I also get to see the lovely Primps and Preens while I'm there)
6th: Wreath Decorating-yes, I make my own wreath!
7th: Decorate my tree
8th: Decorate my grandparents tree (these are annual events in my family that involve dinner, decorating, mince pies, music and the official 'switching on' of the lights)
9th: Decorate Dave's friends tree (we all get together and the girls decorate while the boys get drunk!)
10th: Burlesque Night at the Proud Galleries in Camden
11th: Trip to Brighton
15th: Book Club Christmas Meal
17th: Girls Christmas Meal
19th: Trip to London to see the lights
22nd: Christmas Drinks and Secret Santa swapping with my friends
24th: Chrsitmas Eve
25th: Christmas Day!!

I cannot wait. What fun things do you all have planned for Christmas?

One of the best things about Christmas!