Monday, 7 March 2011

Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss

I picked this up in Boots a few weeks ago when I had some time to waste while my boyfriend bought my Valentines Day card in the card shop next door! It is never a good idea for me to go into Boots when I don't have some specific to buy as I will aimlessly wonder around the make up counters mentally putting things into a shopping basket that I don't need and cannot afford! I could have very easily come out with 6 new nail varnishes, 4 lipsticks and 3 glosses, but was very restrained and bought this one little item, and i also got to use my points so it was actually free, this always makes me happy.

Here is a picture of the product, courtesy of the Bourjois website:

And this is their accompanying blurb:



Because the pH of your lips is unique, this lipgloss enriched with pH reactive pigments will self-adjust into a bespoke pink to suit your skin tone!
Its non-sticky texture also brings shine and volume to your lips, as well as maximum confort.
And it's good for your lips:
- Anti-oxidant vitamins E and C
- 8 hours moisture
So, what will be your pink?

I hadn't heard anything about this when I saw it in the shop, and there wasn't a great deal of information on the display so I was a tad confused when it looked to be a pink lipgloss but when I took out the tester the gloss was clear (when you wipe it off after wearing it, it wipes off pink). After some closer investigation I found out what it was all about. Obviously for hygiene reasons you can't go putting the tester directly on your lips, so you can't see what your 'individual pink' will be. It sounded exciting though so I bought it and have been using it ever since. 

I'm quite pleased with the colour, it starts of quite subtle but eventually turns quite a deep pink which is very complimentary to my skin and colouring (as it should be, being based on my natural lip pigment). It claims to be non sticky, which I have to disagree with slightly, however it isn't really sticky and goes on quite smoothly. 
before applying

immediately after applying

a few minutes after applying

The last photo hasn't come out quite as vivid as the colour is in real life, but hopefully you can see that the colour does change. I'd say that it takes about 1o minutes for it to reach its true shade.
I was telling some of my friends about it on an afternoon in town and they were intrigued so they tried some of mine, and we did indeed all have different shades of pink! One of my friends was so impressed we went straight to boots and she picked up one for herself. 

For £6.99 I'm pretty pleased with this little number. It's good during the day to add a bit of colour, but also good in the evening if you don't want too much for your lips. Boots also have 3 for 2 on Bourjois products at the moment, so you can pick up a few extras! 

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  1. i have the same problem. when i go into the drugstore without any reason..i buy myself things i really don't need. oh well..i guess it's a habit :)
    maybe i'll try this gloss..sounds interesting ;)