Monday, 14 March 2011

Happy, Happy, Happy Monday!

Happy Monday fellow bloggers and followers!

I am in a very good mood for a Monday, first off, it is another glorious sunny day! Sun always makes me happy, without fail. I'd much rather a day that was cold but clear skies and sunshine than a bit warmer and cloudy or raining.

Secondly, I have been with my boyfriend 2 years today, so tonight we are going out to one of my current favourite places to eat the Sausage Tree. It specialises in sausages (apparently Englands largest selection) and beer (a vast selection-keeps the boyfriend happy). They also do Black Rocks, which is what I shall be having this evening. These are slabs of piping hot granite where you get to cook your own meat, you can have standard steaks but they also do 'exotic' meats such as kangaroo and springbok. I'll probably go for an exotic surf and turf this evening (2 exotic meats, squid, scallops and king prawns) yum yum.

my dinner tonight should look a little something like this

Third, as its our anniversary I got presents! I have been a very lucky girl and been given Imelda Mays album and a pair of shoes!! I had been lusting after them for a little while in Next and pointed them out to my boyfriend a couple of times, he told me he didn't like them, so that was a lovely surprise. I think I'll wear them out this evening. I've been told that I also have something else to look forward to later, lucky me!
my new shoes

Last but by no means least. Yesterday, I spent the day in London looking at galleries for Uni. It was meant to be a 'no shopping' day, but I was walking past a Zara and saw some maxi dresses hanging up which reminded me of a maxi that I completely fell in love with in October. I had been into Zara countless times trying it on but really had no reason to wear it and therefore justify the £50 price tag. It went into the sale in January and was reduced to £30, but with Christmas just gone and birthdays I didnt have the money so I accepted that it would be one of those loves that I would have to live without. I've always kept a look out for it but have seen none since January, so when I saw these new season maxis in the shop, something told me I should go in and have a little look. You can imagine my joy when I got to the back of the shop and there hanging on the sale rail was a solitary dress! Now I'm thinking to myself, it's going to be either a ridiculously large or tiny size, but no, it was my size....that never happens and to top it all had been reduced to £6!! Well, you just can't say no to that, so I didn't, it is now sitting very happily in my wardrobe waiting for an occasion to be worn.

my new dress-the top is black and the bottom is a dark petrol blue, the back has tiny little black buttons going about 1/2 way down the back

I hope that everyone else has had lovely weekends and are enjoying the start of the week!

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  1. That is such amazing luck that it was in your size and at such a great price! Congratulations to you and Dave, I love the Sausage Tree.