Friday, 18 February 2011

French Connection London Dress

As I sit here trying to write an essay on Christian Dior, I cant help wondering if my life would be any different if I had finished my first degree in Fashion. Instead of spending this rather overcast Friday afternoon pouring over books and stuck to a laptop, would I, somehow be sat amongst the 'fash pack' and gliteratti at London Fashion Week? Perhaps I could be sat at the Sass&Bide show this afternoon (no doubt in the back row, with a view of an amazonian models head, but still there). Alas that didn't work out, so instead I will have to scour the magazine pages and tinterweb for a glimpse of 'whats hot' for next season like everyone else.

It could be possible, however for us all to have a little part of LFW, thanks to French Connection. I saw an article about this in Grazia a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting in anticipation for its launch. To celebrate LFW, FC have released a limited edition 'London' dress for the bargain price of £35!

I absolutely adore the colour, I love any shade of blue in fact, and I also like the shape. My only concern is that the shoulder ruffle might make me look like a lopsided american football player. I have 2 FC dresses in my wardrobe, and I have made great use of both, which makes me think that I'd be successful with this one too. I'm trying to be good at the moment and only spend money on holiday essentials, but at only £35 for a FC dress that is limited edition, would it be silly to miss out?!

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