Friday, 18 February 2011

Project Beach Body-7 weeks to go

In 7 weeks I am going on my first family holiday in a good few years, to Thailand. I'm ridiculously excited about it as I haven't been away for longer than 5 days since 2008 when I was travelling for 6 months, so you can imagine how desperate I am for a good break. It also means that due to the great British weather I've not been in a bikini since 2008, I was also 3/4 stone lighter back then. So 3 weeks ago I joined Gymophobics on a mission to get some body confidence. I'm not all that unhappy with my size. When i've got clothes on I'm fine, but it's when they come off that everything looks a bit, well...wobbly! It doesn't help that it is also all pasty white.

The gym is a bit like 'Curves' which most people have heard of. You do a 30 minute circuit of air resistance machines (chest presses, leg curls etc) with some floor exercises. They also have hula hoops, balls and various other bits and bobs that can be used with the floor work. As part of my membership I get to use their power plate too. I don't know    if any of you have used one before, but it is quite a strange sensation. I only do 15 minutes, but that is meant to be the equivalent of an hour in the gym, and you can certainly feel it! I am meant to be going bowling tonight for a friends birthday and I'm not all that sure I'll be able to lift the ball!
The aim is to look like this when using the power plate (currently pink, shaking mess)

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