Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Right Royal Weekend

Ok, so I am a little late for my bank holiday review, but I spent yesterday frantically trying to get my Uni work done for today that I hadn't had time to fit in to my lovely weekend, as you will see shortly.

As I was on holiday I didn't get to take advantage of the double long weekends with my friends, so this last one was jam packed of fun things. I was also very happy that we managed to have glorious weather on all 4 days.


Along with most of the nation I spent Friday feeling very British. I spent Thursday evening doing some baking for a Royal Wedding BBQ I was going to at a friends house.

My patriotic cupcakes. Vanilla base with white chocolate icing

Oreo Brownies...these did not last long, a favourite with the boys!

 I arrived at 10.30 just in time to see the Bride make her entrance and to open the first of many bottle of champagne. Wow! She looked Beautiful (with a capital B!)

I want a tiara this pretty!

 I had expected her to be quite demure and elegant in her choice of dress, due to her new role and also getting married in such a prestigious religious venue it was unlikely that she would be flaunting cleavage or such like. I thought that the dress was stunning, perfect for a future Queen. She also looked unbelievably happy, they both did. I felt like a lot of the focus was on her, poor Wills, he was getting married too! Although it seems that little Pippa stole a lot of the show in her McQueen number. I've not spoken to a single male I know, including my boyfriend, who isn't now lusting after the youngest Middleton.
The Bride and her sister

I was also impressed that Kate was reported to have done her own make up. A brave choice for any Bride, let alone one getting married in front of billions of people. She looked natural, even with a slightly heavier hand on her eye make up than normal and had the perfect bridal 'glow'. I am lusting after her colour of lippie, I did, however, find myself getting distracted by her eyebrows...


Saturday day was spent lazing around town and in the sun. My friend Louise wanted to do some shopping and did very well picking up 2 pairs of chinos in H&M and 2 skirts in Zara. She then decided to do a reorganise of her wardrobe so I did a little lounging in the garden to try and top up my rapidly disappearing tan. It was then time for my second wedding of the weekend! It was our friend Beccas, little sister this time. We were only evening guests and by the time we arrived everyone was well on the way to wedding drunkeness. Becca was maid of honour and looked lovely in a full length royal blue strapless gown, the girl is blonde and minute and looks good in everything, cow! The bride looked really happy and was sporting a simple strapless sweetheart dress with a full skirt with gathering details.

The Bridal Party

It was also the first outing for my French Connection dress! Unfortunately I forget to get a full outfit shot and the only full length picture is of me in the background and it's not a great shot! Here is the top half though...


On Sunday I had a family BBQ and made a rather yummy marinaded chicken. We stayed outside for as long as possible before the wind forced us inside. 

In the evening I went out in Reading for one of the boyfriends friends birthdays. Having started drinking at the BBQ at 3pm it was quite a merry affair. It was nice to see all of the boyfriends friends as it had been a while with holidays and various other things going on. Even though it was a bank holiday things were pretty quiet, but that did not stop us having lots of fun.


As it was another lovely sunny day on Sunday I wanted to make the most of it. The boyfriend and I went to Windsor for the day. We had lunch at the Cattle Grid, he had a burger and I had a lovely grilled steak caesar salad. We then decided to go to the Long Walk and ended up walking along the whole thing. It is a straight road lined with trees that runs from Windsor Castle to a big bronze statue of King George III.

View from the statue...Windsor Castle is down the end somewhere...

There it is!

It is 2.6 miles in length, so doing that and back, plus a look around the shops, we walked about 6 miles. The walk was lovely though, when you get to the hill with the statue you can see for miles on a clear sunny day, we saw Slough, Heathrow, Wembley and a little bit of London. 

The Bronze Horse

Having a rest before walking back

On the way back we stopped at a lovely little old pub for a well deserved drink. 

Lovely little pub

I may have also treated myself to a new dress from Topshop and a basic jumper from Zara, blogs to follow! I hope you all had equally lovely weekends and enjoyed the good weather.

What is your favourite way to spend a sunny bank holiday?


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  1. If you couldn't guess, I'm having a big blog catch up (I have neglected it so much since my move) but I have to say this weekend looked fab. And Becca is stunning in that colour!