Monday, 6 June 2011

Book Club

I love reading. Fact. We have been talking a lot about reading at Uni as it's the big topic at the moment in our English lectures and a lot of the people on my course don't seem to read a lot in their own time. I always feel like I can't mention that I constantly have a book by my bed and have been known to read 14 books in 10 days (while on holiday!) I'd say that it must be my age and that not being 18/19 anymore, I must have more time on my hands to read as I'm not going out drinking till 3am 5 nights of the week, but I've always been like this. Reading is just one of my things!

So, as I read so darn much I thought I should keep track of all the books that I read, mainly because it's getting to a stage where people ask 'have you read this' and i honestly can't remember if I have or not! So, dear readers, every time I read a book I will do a little post about said book. Hopefully some of you will think they sound good and will go off to read them yourselves, I'll be like the Richard and Judy of the blogging world!

I warn you not to expect in depth 'War and Peace' type books here, most of the books I read are fairly easy going but I do vary a bit with my genres; from ridiculously easy and trashy chic lit to historical dramas, i'll read pretty much anything if I'm honest!

Also if anyone has read any good books or have seen any they like the look of but haven't had a chance to read then please throw suggestions my way, I'm happy to read them on your behalf and let you know if they are worth a go.


  1. I love reading so I'm really looking forward to this :) Try xx

  2. This is a really good idea :) I have always been a book worm, I had a younger brother and as kids his TV choice always came first and I wasn't a fan of the same shows so I'd lose myself in a book the moment I got in from school and that never changed!

    I love relaxing in the bath with a good read, makes hours pass without you realising! I look forward to hearing your opinions on the boooks you've read!! xxx

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