Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mid-Season it that time already?

It seems that everywhere I look at the moment another high street store is announcing a mid-season sale or further reductions. I'm also getting emails and notifications on twitter and facebook telling me about the latest discounts in 'my favourite shop'. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not ready for it. Ok, so I love a bargain and getting something cheaper is always nice but I'd only just started finding things for 'this season' that I liked. I know that our summer has been messed up and we had our heatwave long after fur lined wool coats and knee high boots first graced the shop floors of the high street. Does that mean though, that not even fully into October we already need to see prices plummeting? What is there going to be for us when the weather actually gets cold and doesn't let up in the temperature department for a good few months? The weather man has forecast that we are all going to be snowed in this December, oh goodie, there's loads of bikinis and flip flops in the shops. You can buy a beautiful padded parka for 70% less than it's original price, but it's only in a size 4 or 18...and in the colour of new born baby poo.

I know, I know, the fashion world likes to do things early. We have the shows for Spring Summer before we've even had Autumn Winter but these are just the ideas. Do we really need to get rid of anything current and useful in the shops before we have even had a chance to wear it? I've bought boots, a new coat and some chunky knitwear and they are all sat in my wardrobe not being used, yes it is unseasonably warm right now, but I still had to buy them early on in the season at the risk that when the temperature does drop into single figures, none of them would be around.

I think this was all hit on the head when I was speaking to a friend who is the store manager of a high end high street brand. She had had an email telling her that the mid-season sale would be going live the following Saturday. This was followed by an email telling her that she was to go to a presentation on the Sunday with her team to be briefed on the the new Autumn Winter collection. How can you have a sale of something that half of the people selling won't have seen fully until the following day?! The mind baffles!

I love the Autumn Winter season, I love the clothes, please retail gods, can I have it around for a little while longer. I'm perfectly happy to wait until January 1st and hit the sales then to grab myself a bargain jumper like we used to 'in the olden days'. Let's face it, in January we are pretty much guaranteed at least another 3 months of shocking weather.

By the way...the River Island mid-season sale starts tomorrow...

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