Monday, 14 November 2011

Getting to know you

When I was a teenager I LOVED those emails that went around asking you to answer questions either about yourself or about the person who had send it to you and you then had to send it on to someone else and they did the same. I don't know if it's because I'm nosey, like to talk about myself, or just like quizzes...I do like quizzes. I also used to love doing personality quizzes to 'find out about myself and the person I am'. Ah, the misspent days of youth. I've seen on a couple of blogs a 'getting to know you' style posts and well, I rather like that idea, so I'm going to do one too! So here are a few little facts about me...

1) I am obsessed with anything that is coconut, apple or mint scented OR flavoured, seriously, obsessed!

2) Audrey Hepburn is my absolute idol. I love everything about her.

3) It took 26 years but I finally broke down my parents and convinced them to get a dog. In fact we got two and the last year has been so much fun with them in our lives. Even if at moments they drive me crazy! 

4) I've never really known what I have wanted to do with my life. There are too many options and I love to do so many things. After giving up my job as a buyer I'm now in my 2nd of 4 years training to be a primary school teacher and I love working with the children. 

5) Giving up work and becoming a student also means that I have had to put off moving out. As much as I love my parents I am desperate for my own place. I already have it all planned in my head how I want to decorate it.  I think that by the time I have finished my course I will not only have a 'bottom draw' but a bottom spare room full of things. 

6) Even though I am nearly 27 I still love Disney. 

7) I read A LOT. My record of reading was 14 books during a 10 day holiday. I will read pretty much anything.

8) I love cooking and baking and one day I would like to think I would be brave enough to apply to go on the Great British Bake Off

9)   I will never sing in the shower but in the car i sing at the top of my voice!

10)  Even though i have a slight obsession with shoes i will always prefer to be barefoot

11) If its not Cadburys-im not interested

12) I would do anything for my friends

13) I still love mummy hugs

14) I trust people too much but am also often surprised by people.

15) I love photography and film, i couldnt live without my camera!

16) I love my first name, even if noone can say it.

17) I dont like using umbrellas-i prefer walking in the rain and getting wet!

18) I have 2 intense strange phobias-wasps and bridges.

19) I love to dance, any time, any place

20) Travelling was one of the best things i have ever done

21) I wish i could sleep at night and stay awake during the day! I think im actually nocturnal.

22) I wish that I looked like Zooey Deschanel. I therefore often wonder why I cut all my hair off!

23) I have the coolest grandparents in the world! Seriously, they are going to be 82 and 83 in the next month and they look and act like they are at least 20 years younger.

24) I've had my heart broken and trampled in the past but I am now the happiest I've ever been with another person. 

25) There are too many places in the world that I want to see and I hope that I get the chance to see them in my lifetime.

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