Monday, 28 November 2011

Some Sex, a Mug and a LOT of Rock and Roll

On Saturday night I spent a fabulous evening with some of my best girl friends at the Sex, Mugs and Rock and Roll event hosted by the lovely High Tea Cast girls Lea and Sam. The evening was all organised to raise money for Janie's School. Janie's School is a charity set up by Jennifer in memory of her mum. She is trying to raise £25,000 to build and open a school in Cambodia for girls who would not normally get the opportunity to an education. This is such a fabulous cause and big high fives to Lea and Sam for choosing to support this cause in their first event.

My friends and I decided that this would be a great opportunity for an excuse to get dressed up and hit the big city. The promise of cupcakes and cocktails was a sure fire way of getting us all on board. So on Saturday night we got all dressed up in our glad rags, the fake tan was out, the eyelashes, the lippie, the gorgeous but impractical heels. We were set! Unfortunately our *lovely* taxi driver was late to pick us up by 20 minutes, we therefore missed the two fast trains and had to get the 50 minute jobby into town. This meant that we were over an hour later than originally planned and therefore missed all but one of the Burlesque acts, boo! However we quickly got over this with a couple of delicious cocktails (they really were super yummy) and a win on the raffle!

My raffle prize

Shortly after this I spotted a platter of cupcakes being carried by non other than The High Tea Cast girls. Of course I had to get a photo. The girls were shouting their excitement about the music and the need to dance and my charitable side came out and I offered to pass round the cupcakes for them. They did not last long, luckily I managed to grab one for myself before they were devoured by the crowds. 

Lea and Sam with their cupcakes

One of the cupcakes

After cocktails and cupcakes there was little else to do but get our boogie on. And Boogie we did. Tune after tune was coming out of that DJ both. I started dancing and I didn't stop. I really needn't have bothered doing my hair or make up after the session I had on the dancefloor. Let's just say that 'sweaty mess' would be a good way to describe my look by the end of the evening. 

The DJ even had a funky phone

It was a truly wonderful evening. All of my friends had a brilliant time and there were choruses of 'we must do this again'. All in all a resounding success. Made all the more brilliant in the fact that it was all for such a good cause. I even got a chance to speak to Jennifer about the possibility of going out to Cambodia and volunteering during my summer holidays once the school is up and running. May as well make the most of the fact that I'm going to be a teacher and I get long summers. 

My only downside of the evening was the 'mug'. A complete idiot of a man who was responsible for essentially ruining the end of our evening. I won't go into details but the result of it was my dress looking like this...

...and one of my friends came out even worse. A shame that someone had to spoil such a fantastic evening. Here's to the next High Tea Cast night out!

A selection of the more sensible photos from the evening:

Finally, if you guys are feeling generous then please click on the link above to the Janie School website to read more about it and make a donation. 

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  1. Oh no. Poor dress!! I feel your pain. :(

    Lovely blog. Xx