Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mirror, Mirror, what's my Curve ID?

As you may have seen in my last post I went to London Fashion Weekend on Friday and stopped off at the Levi's 'stand' for a look at their Curve ID range. Although this is not actually the first time that I have tried this range.

Around the time that the idea was first launched I was shopping in Westfield and having seen a bit about it all in magazines I thought I'd see what it was all about. Now, I should tell you that I HATE shopping for jeans. I loathe and despise it. I am constantly baffled as to how so many jeans on the high street only seem to cater for woman that I can only assume are shaped straight up and down i.e. no shape at all. I'd say that I am an all round average size 10, however even though I do have a small waist and relatively narrow hips...I have an arse like J.Lo. From the front I look quite streamlined, but when I turn to the side that bad boy curves right out there! When I stand I have a very obvious natural arch at the bottom of my back which makes it more obvious that my derriere is of the curvaceous nature. Jeans never fit me, they are normally too tight on the bum and they gape at the waistband. So, when Levis launched this new range I was quite excited, could it be, could there be a range of jeans out there that weren't heart stoppingly expensive that were made for ladies like me?

In I went to go and see what they were talking about. After looking at the range for approximately 20 minutes with no sign of any staff someone finally came over and asked if I was ok. I said that I was interested in the Curve ID range and they went to get their fancy measuring contraption. Basically you have a piece of string round your waist and then they do the same around your hips and your bum and by looking at the differences in the measurements they can see if you are a slight curve, demi curve or bold curve. The girl took my measurements and told me I was probably a demi curve. This surprised me and I also thought she'd be a bit more confident in her answer. She also told me that she thought I would be a 30 waist (I'm normally a 28/29) She found a demi curve straight leg jean and told me to go and try them on, I wasnt asked what style or colour I was after. I got into the changing rooms and went about getting the jeans on, I got as far as just below the bum area and things started to get uncomfortable, I finally managed to get them over the bum (lots of jumping up and down, you know what I mean!) and do them up. These were a waist size larger than what I normally go for and they were cutting off the circulation around my hips and giving me some really attractive muffin tops, not only that but they STILL gaped at the waistband. I was seriously confused. I came out of the changing room and looked for some help, the girl eventually came over, looked me up and down and said maybe I should try a size 32, yes that would be a size 14. I was shocked. Needless to say I left feeling fat, big bummed and even more dejected about jeans shopping. I was also very unimpressed by Levis new range.

You are probably all thinking, why did you go back? Well, yes, I did in fact think the same thing. Something made me want to give it another go though, maybe it was the champagne cocktail, actually I'm pretty sure it was the champagne cocktail. So off I went with my friend (thought I'd see how someone else got on too) to give them a second chance. This experience could not have been more different. I would like to take this opportunity to say that the girls at Levis at London Fashion Weekend were brilliant. Thank you for restoring my faith in the world of denim.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by happy smiling people who asked if we were ok and if we knew about the range. I said I had heard about it but I left it at that, I wanted to see what they came up with. Both my friend and I were measured. I got to have the new measuring contraption that they were testing out, it looks a bit better. When she had taken my measurements I was told I was a demi curve. At this my friend shouted that they had to be kidding. Another Levis girl who had been watching came over and said that she actually agreed with my friend and was surprised as she thought I was more of a bold curve. Apparently the new contraption is not as good! So they re-measured using the old system and sure enough I was a bold curve...just! They asked what size I normally wore and I said 28/29 to which they said they thought I was more of a 27 and that I really had a great shape (loving these ladies more and more every minute!) I said I'd like to try some skinny greys and they gave me a 27 and 28 in each in two different lengths (I also am an annoying in between leg size of 33 inches). I would like to say that they were right about me being a 27, and although I could get them on and done up, I don't think I'd have been able to sit down and move all that much. I came out wearing the 28s though and they were perfect. My friend as well as the staff started handing out the compliments saying how good they looked and that they were a perfect fit. Hooray! I was so happy, I'd found them, the ever elusive pair of perfect fitting jeans! To top it all off they were offering 20% off (students make note, you can get this anyway) AND they were doing a photo shoot of people in their new jeans. So they sat me down to re-do my make up, gave me a pair of seriously high shoes and a hat to pose with and here is the result!

Thank you again ladies of Levis London Fashion Weekend!

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