Sunday, 18 September 2011

OOTD: That 70's show

Some of you may have seen on twitter that I've been a bit, um, bored, of late and have been trying to entertain myself as best I can (lemon drizzle loaf cake making, magazine reading, chopping off of hair, make CHRISTMAS presents). This week the weather has been really quite lovely. This is my kind of weather, sunny but with a hint that autumn really is on its way. On Wednesday I decided that it was high time I got myself out of the house and so I got myself dressed and headed over to Marlow for a leisurely wonder around the shops and a spot of lunch.

Spending the last week and a half with myself as company for the majority of the time has meant that, well, I've not really made any effort. So, when I do venture outside the walls of my home, I have taken to 'dressing up a bit'. You know, taking time over my hair, accessorising and generally paying more attention to what I'm putting on. In all honesty I wish I did this more. I love making an effort, but as I spend most of my time either working with small people, at uni or working with paint, it is not always practical.

So here is my outfit for my venture out:

Dress: River Island 'Chelsea Girl'
Tights: H&M
Boots: River Island (very old!)

My dress is a new addition to my wardrobe and is from the Chelsea Girl collection at River Island. I love the 70's vibe it has, and also the fact that I had to go down a size in it (much needed confidence boost, thanks). To try and channel the whole 70's/60's feel that most of the Chelsea Girl collection embodies I teamed the dress with some very pale pink/off white tights and tan boots. The tights really remind me of my old ballet tights, they are the exact same colour, I was slightly scared of their paleness, but I actually really love the look they create. These ones are from H&M and were about £3. 

To complete my outfit I added this ring from Accessorize:

It used to have a diamante in the middle of it that I didn't like so I took it out and closed up the 'prongs' to form a new centre. 

This outfit is one of two that I have worn this week that have made me feel really good about myself. I love it when you find an outfit that just makes you feel happy and confident, that you know you can pull out of the wardrobe and rely on when you are having 'one of those days'. I'll do a post on my other new feel good outfit next week.

Do you have any favourite feel good pieces?

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